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Why choose PGA of Canada Trade-in Network

PGA of Canada Pros

Simple & Efficient

In a few easy steps, the PGA of Canada Trade-in Network will increase the number of transactions made in your store. How? By offering a incentive to your customers. We accompany you all along the process, from the trade-in to the sale.

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Stimulate Your Sales

With the PGA Trade-In Network, customers can now trade-in their old golf club for a credit inside your store. Since trade-in prices are already set through the platform, it is simple and easy to give the customer a credit in order for him to make a purchase inside your store. A satisfied customer will become a loyal customer!

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Automatic Profit

We are committed to buy any golf club. In other words, all the clubs that could hit another tee shot, carry another bunker exit or even a perfectly orchestrated putt.

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Weekend Golfers

Painless & Safe

Safely sell your old golf clubs through the PGA of Canada Trade-In Network. Our system will provide you with all shipping material necessary.

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Purchase Golf Clubs

Select to receive a Golf Avenue credit in exchange for your old golf clubs! Plus, receive an additional 10%% on your trade-in value for a purchase on Canada's #1 Online Retailer of pre-owned golf clubs.

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Easy Shipments

Our system will provide you with all shipping material necessary... for you to send us your old golf clubs as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

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